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  • All manufacturers barrels vary in diameter, some more than others. We make our products to very tight tolerances and if the measurement is wrong the item will not fit correctly.

  • We do not make silencers for FAC rated air rifles or firearms, only orders for sub FAC please.

  • We can machine a thread onto your barrel for 15 if bought with a silencer. If the barrel is for a break barrel air rifle the barrel must be a minimum of 15.5" from the fore end of the breech block to the muzzle.

  • We can make silencers to fit any thread, male or female.

  • We do not make silencers for air rifles that have a full length under lever or a muzzle mounted lever latch. You will need to buy an adaptor then we can supply a threaded silencer to fit it.

  • We make silencers in 22, 27 and 32mm diameter. We have made larger ones but these take more time and are more expensive.

  • Most people will know someone who has a vernier caliper or micrometer. If not then ask a local mechanic or engineering company. Metric or imperial measurements are fine.

  • Our silencers are sealed and cannot be opened without damage. They do not need to be cleaned and will give many years of service.



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