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The following testimonials are unsolicited and unedited emails and forum reviews from our customers. Where possible there are links to the testimonials on the various online forums so you can read them for yourself.

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Well it was posted on Monday and arrived Tuesday before 10am
It was packaged like you wouldn't believe; it took me 10 minutes to get it open.
First impressions where nice matt finish, noticeably lighter in weight and 1 ½ inches longer than the AA standard. (Thank goodness it still fits in the rifle slip).
It fits the barrel perfectly almost no need for the grub screw.
Ok with new silencer fitted I headed of down to the zeroing range, the zero had only shifted by 2 clicks on the windage and nothing on the elevation.
Before fitting I dry fired with the old silencer and dry fired with the new 1, there was a noticeable difference in sound level. In the field firing pellets the muzzle noise is a mere whisper, so quiet I am now looking at getting the action quietened down as this now lets the S410 down. I can fully recommend Portland Jon silencers; the service is second to none with step-by-step progress reports. The silencer quality is fantastic and the noise reduction is amazing. Thank you Jon & Su for a fantastic transaction.

Wolf - Air Arms Owners Club
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I rate Portland Jon's the best of the bunch, the best finished and the best machine work also as quiet as a HW.
It's close but in the end a mass produced item will never be as perfect as a carefully manufactured item made from quality components and materials.

MuddyFox - Air Arms Owners Club

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It (The Website - Ed) looks really good after its makeover. I assume you're talking about silencers4u?

I've got to say, he really is a great guy. I had a silencer from him last year, brilliant it was, quiet as you like. Last week it started clipping slightly. He has VERY kindly replaced the insides with his latest designs and sorted it all out. Completely for free.

Very Happy Well done that man

From AirArmsMark - Air Arms Owners Forum. Click Here for thread of forum


Hi newbie here have been browsing the forum for a few months now.
I sent my barrel to be threaded at silencers 4u for one of his custom silencers
the gun is a HW80. All I can say is that they are second to none there is a huge reduction in the noise of the shot compared to without the silencer.
The customer service is top notch I have never had customer service this good any where. keep up the good work Jon.. hope to be doing more business soon.


Just to let you know, it arrived Monday. I am very impressed. Not only is it extremely quiet it is considerably lighter than I had expected. It also compliments the appearance of the rifle too, not that I am into the aesthetics of these things.

Any how, just to let you know that I am very pleased with your workmanship and have no hesitation in recommending your products to anyone.



Thanks Jon, great quality shroud for my HW100, very nice finish and build, very pleased.

Willy - Airgun BBS - Link to thread

Today I get the Silencer and all I can say is WOW, It's perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I put it on my rifle and it's much better than the Weihrauch. This weekend I will test it with my hunting friends, so I hope that you get more orders from Chile. Thanks again and as soon as I get some pictures of the rifle with the silencer on, I will send them to you.

Regards, Alex


Jon I've fitted the silencer to my AA S400k rifle and I have to say the difference is amazing. Its whisper quiet!
The quality is first class and I'm very pleased, it looks great fitted. Will re-zero this weekend and see how that is.
Cheers Jon! Link to thread on Airgun Forum


don't know how he makes them,
but it's quieter than my Weihrauch,
and that's seriously quiet!  - Paladin (AirgunBBS) Link


Hi Su & Jon
Apologies for the late advice that the silencer arrived about seven days after dispatch.
Unfortunately the bore diameter was under size ... not your fault ... mine entirely .. It seems while I can still take measurements with a vernier my typing skills are not the best and the .60634 I sent you should have been .634 inches. (Guess doing fine work should not be attempted in the wee small hours after work.)
All other dimensions were correct.
I finally had it reamed out and tested it yesterday.  
I am totally impressed with the product. The noise reduction is impressive... such that I was able to shoot at groups of rabbits at about 30 meters range and take them all out one by one without the remainder taking flight.
Previous attempts on groups of animals always resulted in one hit and the remainder heading into the sunset at high speed.
If you are interested I could send you some pics of the assembled weapon.
Once again thank you for a great product and service.
Kind regards
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